Rachel Held Evans, Author of Searching for Sunday and A Year of Biblical Womanhood

“What a timely read! It’s so rare to find a book that is this theologically rich and carefully crafted yet rooted in the messy, churned-up earth of everyday life. A clarion call to justice, peace, and good-old-fashioned laughter, Shalom Sistas will leave you changed. It’s a book I can recommend to friends across the political and cultural spectrum—not because it’s safe but because it is profoundly, prophetically true.”




Sarah Bessey, author of “Jesus Feminist” and “Out of Sorts: Making Peace with an Evolving Faith”

“Osheta is that rare leader who is stanchly alongside instead of ahead. She is the best sort of friend for this journey: funny, warm, welcoming, challenging, wise, strong, and real. She is deeply connected to her family and to her community and to the world and to Jesus but she’s her own person, too – quirky and intentional, self-deprecating and soulful. I love everything she writes.”





Bruxy Cavey – Teaching Pastor at The Meeting House and author of “The End of Religion” and “reUnion: the Good News of Jesus for Seekers, Saints, and Sinners”

“Thank you Osheta Moore for capturing the joyful challenge of being a peacemaker in such a tangible way! Shalom Sistas will shake up your conceptions of what it means to follow Jesus while painting a beautiful, raw picture of living in the Kingdom.”









Rev. Gail Song Bantum, Executive Pastor, Quest Church (Seattle, WA)

“In a world often wrought with unrest, Shalom Sistas offers a compelling way forward, calling the reader to consider what it means to live as peacemakers and not merely peacekeepers. Moore does this by giving us an intimate glimpse into her own story—weaving together personal narrative, humor, and just plain down-to-earth girl talk. A must-read for all who are determined to find and create life-giving spaces in the midst of chaos!”






Dr. Christena Cleveland, Social Psychologist, Author, and Professor, Duke Divinity

“Over the years, I have continually learned from Osheta Moore’s writing and witness, and this new offering is no different! Osheta has a gift for blazing a path toward liberation, hope, and purpose in any circumstance—in times of leisure or stress, abundance or scarcity, clarity or confusion. All people—not just women—will benefit from Osheta’s careful and wise guidance through the complex intersection of faith, family, and community.”





Rev. Dr. Dennis R. Edwards, Senior Pastor, The Sanctuary Covenant Church (Minneapolis, MN)

“Shalom is a big idea and we are constantly trying to understand what it can mean ​in our day. Osheta Moore’s Shalom Sistas, is a practical, engaging, theologically informed, poignant, and witty presentation of what peacemaking can look like in our time. As an urban pastor, I am appreciative of how Ms. Moore makes the big idea of peacemaking relevant for a cross section of readers. Anyone who reads Shalom Sistas—no matter their level of theological understanding—will be challenged and encouraged to make peacemaking more than an idea, but an integral part of everyday life.”




Kathy Escobar, Co-Pastor of The Refuge, spiritual director, and author of Down We Go: Living into the Wild Ways of Jesus and Faith Shift

“As the divisions in our world get wider and deeper, the need for peacemakers—not mere peacekeepers—is stronger than ever. So many followers of Jesus are asking the right questions right now—how can we live out our Christian faith in a way that brings wholeness and healing? How can we bravely participate in restoring what’s broken in our world, neighborhoods, families, and our own stories? How can we be bearers of shalom? In Shalom Sistas, Osheta Moore helps with these questions, not with trite answers or formulas, but with honest, practical, and vulnerable wisdom and experience on how we can actively engage in creating shalom in our circles. Filled with real stories and tangible practices, this book will challenge, encourage and strengthen readers to respond to God’s call and bravely engage in the beautiful Kingdom work of peacemaking in whatever context they find themselves in.”




Meghan Good, Teaching Pastor, Trinity Mennonite (Glendale, AZ)

“Osheta Moore breathes hope into the daily lives of women by exposing the hidden revolution at the heart of the ordinary. With a perfect blend of sass and grace, Osheta casts a vision for a world-rocking peace that takes shape one laundry-load at a time.”







Jerusalem Greer, Author of A Homemade Year: The Blessings of Cooking, Crafting and Coming Together

“Osheta Moore is the sista everyone wishes they had, and this book is packed with the sista advice all of us need. Gloriously filled to the brim with Osheta’s wit, wisdom, courage and beautiful honesty, Shalom Sistas is a book that will be challenging and propelling me towards a joy-infused life of peacemaking for years to come.”







Dr. Drew G. I. Hart, Assistant Professor of Theology at Messiah College and Author of Trouble I’ve Seen: Changing the Way the Church Views Racism

“Shalom Sistas reorients our daily Christian practice towards God’s dream of shalom. Osheta Moore is thoughtful, down-to-earth, and thankfully, the God she speaks about looks, and sounds, like Jesus. Her life-giving words are inspiring and her transparent stories are striking and exquisitely written. In an age of despair and violence such as ours, this storied manifesto is a necessary encouragement for women (and men).”







Jessica Honnegger, Founder/Co-CEO of Noonday Collection

“Shalom is one of my favorite concepts in the Bible. It means complete reconciliation, the fullness of human flourishing, the state where humans express our humanness as it was meant to be. Sounds heady? It is a little heady. Yet, Osheta writes about it in the same voice she calls up a girlfriend from the carpool line. I want to put my phone on speaker and chat with her all day. This is an important yet approachable read, and I appreciate the combination.”






Jessica Kelley, Author of Lord Willing?: Wrestling with God’s Role in My Child’s Death

“Strolling through the pages of Osheta Moore’s Shalom Sistas is like taking a long walk with a dear friend. Relatable, brave, witty, and inspiring, this intimate work educates and empowers women to seek Shalom in every aspect of their lives. “







Kathy Khang, Co-Author of More Than Serving Tea

“Don’t even think about using a highlighter as you read Shalom Sistas. You’ll end up with entire pages colored in neon yellow! Instead, sit down with a cup of coffee, an open heart, and a box of tissues as Moore writes with conviction and humor about God’s invitation to be a peacemaker not a peacekeeper.”






Shannan Martin, Author of Falling Free: Rescued from the Life I Always Wanted

“Shalom Sistas made me want to stand up and cheer! Only Osheta could land these powerful soul truths with such humor and grace. This hopeful manifesto is guaranteed to move you – to action, to peace, and ultimately toward the weird way of Jesus, where the Gospel upsets our tired ideas and compels us to greater love.”






Idelette McVicker, Founder of SheLoves magazine and the Dangerous Women Tribe

“I am so grateful for Osheta’s sassy voice, calling forth the Shalom Sistas of our generation. She invites us to practice ordinary acts of peace, joining her on this most crucial journey of peacemaking, rather than peacekeeping. And to think it all started with a dangerous prayer. She’s my kind of woman and I love her book.”






Deidra Riggs, Speaker and Author of ONE: Unity in a Divided World

“God calls us beyond the surface-y kinds of friendships we’ve gotten used to and invites us into the richness of deeply meaningful relationships — even (especially?) with people we’d really rather not get to know. This book extends the invitation once again, because clearly, God is not giving up on us.”






Margot Starbuck, Author of Small Things with Great Love and coauthor of Overplayed

“Osheta is the leader I want to follow. She loves God and is passionate about building God’s kingdom on earth as it is in heaven. Her good heart and sharp mind are matched by her willingness to do the hard things as she seeks shalom right where she is planted. If you are committed to seeking shalom right where you are, Shalom Sistas can show you how.”






Megan Tietz, Creator and Host of the Sorta Awesome Podcast

“I can’t remember a book I’ve waited for with more anticipation than Osheta Moore’s Shalom Sistas. Osheta’s writing and teaching have revolutionized my life and my way of being in this broken world, and the heartbeat of her message is one that we desperately need in the Church and in our culture. The pages of this book show that shalom is not some ethereal ideal, lovely in thought but impossible in practice; rather, shalom can be a real-life reality in the midst of our everyday. Osheta’s approach to the active, engaged, and vital work of peacemaking has the potential to change our world.”





Kurt Willems, Pastor of Pangea Church (Seattle, WA), Podcaster and Resourcer at Theology Curator

“Osheta Moore reminds us all, Sistas and brothers alike, that peacemaking happens in the ordinary spaces of life. Through amazing storytelling and insight, readers will be brought to tears—sometimes due to uncontrollable laughter and at other times due to ‘ugly cries’—but always with an empowered sense that peace starts here, now, with me! Read this book, if you dare, but beware: you might just become convinced that shalom-seeking is for regular folks in regular places, with an irregular mission of love.”